Humanity is one strand in the web of life, one phenomena in a network of interdependent and interconnected phenomena. We as a species are no more and no less important than any other species on planet Earth. Humans are fortunate enough to be able to tailor our realities exactly as we want them. This creative power allows us to go beyond our position in this network of life. However extending beyond the web of life, temporarily removing ourselves from the interconnected network of all living species, throws the whole system out of balance. Due to the interconnected nature of our reality when the system that allows us to survive and thrive on planet Earth is unbalanced homo sapiens are affected negatively in the same ways all other life is affected negatively. Humanity is now acting very irresponsibly by destabilizing the balance that nature so delicately maintains. Therefore we as a species have a responsibility through our creative power to return to a place of balance, to recognize our position in the ecological web of life and strive to exist equally with all other life on Earth.


Niche aims to reassume humanity’s position in the global ecosystem while maintaining and preserving the aspects of modern life that we most enjoy. It is up to each individual to decide what pieces of modern life they value most but the goal is the same no matter the individual preference: maintain the balance of interconnected interdependent ecosystems while creating your most ideal life.


We help you do this by offering environmental offsets to neutralize the processes that destabilize the Earth’s ecosystems most intensely. Visit our Balance page to see how easy it is to stabilize the interconnected balance of life.