The Simple Solution

Humans must support our modern lifestyle with clean renewable energy sources.

We pollute. We waste. We get our energy from dirty sources. We emit greenhouse gases. We use and waste too much water. We degrade environments. We kill species of plants and animals. We acidify the oceans. We strip the land of soil and nutrients. Humans have come to have a fairly destructive relationship with the planet and all life on it. This hasn’t always been how humans have interacted with the natural world but it has been moving this way since our populations began to grow exponentially at “the dawn of civilization” when humans figured out how to plant and harvest specific food crops and domesticate animals. This allowed people to live in cities, specialize and give up the tough hunter gatherer life we lived before these developments. So for roughly the last 10,000 years we have continuously and with ever more intensity been using, polluting and destroying the natural world with increasing fervor as time has gone on. This dramatic shift in the human lifestyle that is a product of the shift from being hunter gatherers to city center based agrarianism has brought us to the point we are at now where most of humanity lives a consumption based life, separate from natural environments and thus removed from the negative effects humans have on the planet. We have degraded the immense ecosystems that provide food, air and water for us and all living organisms to such a poor state they no longer can survive. When the ecosystems on Earth can no longer survive neither can any of the organisms they support, including humans. So to “save the planet” which really means save ourselves we must live as our ancestors did, right? We must live like hunter gatherers who live symbiotically with the plants, animals and natural resources around them. In theory this sounds great, it is an idyllic image of man reassuming his true place in nature amongst the birds, bees, trees and grass. However if we put that into practice it would be a disaster. Much of the ancient knowledge that guides that lifestyle is gone from the collective memory and if everyone left the cities and went to the “country” there would be no room or resources for anyone to do any hunting or gathering. Besides very few of us would be willing to leave our modern lives to live like humans did 10,000 years ago. So we need a new paradigm. Hunting and gathering is out of the question and if we want our species to survive so is the consumption based lifestyle we have developed now. If we want our species to survive and thrive generations down the line then we must adapt the modern lifestyle to the natural constraints nature puts on resources. We must find the middle ground between ancient symbiosis and modern consumption. We will of course need to consume less but that does not mean living in the wild it just means we need to consume more consciously and only consume that which we can support by environmentally non-degradative means. We need to support our modern lifestyle with renewable energy sources and limit the pollution and emissions we pump into the environment. Fortunately this is much easier than most people realize. If you want to begin to do your part in the search for symbiosis start here with us. It is our mission to find the middle ground, to bring ancient environmental neutrality into the 21st century and show modern man what it is like to live guilt free when it comes to our relationship with Mother Nature.

We offer very simple ways to make a large impact on the inherent destructiveness our modern culture impose on the environment. By purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates you ensure that the amount of Kilowatt Hours you buy is produced by a renewable energy source like wind turbines or solar panels and that that amount of energy is put into the grid. By purchasing Carbon offsets you ensure that CO2 is sequestered from the atmosphere reducing the greenhouse effect those molecules. There are certainly greater solutions to be found and more important discoveries await us in our mission to neutralize the environmental impacts of modern human lifestyle but these two strategies are a cheap, simple and effective first step in finding modern symbiosis.